Customer Questions

Why are sellers allowed to leave only positive Feedback for buyers?

As you know we are manufacturer not any product outsourcing. Our all technical and sales staff make sure everything when you place order and get approval of your order before production. Our material quality, embroidery, printing and labeling everything share with customer during the production. So, in this way when we gives to our customers superior quality and services. This is the reason we always want to positive feedback.

How will I know when I have a sale?

As your know our company store is online and run through great channels when any customer purchase through our woo commerce system we get auto email regarding our customer order. When we sell anything our store then we get email through woo commerce system and also from 2checkout. that email copy also send to customer.

How many types of layouts does it have?

We are offering online design tool in our design LAB. Almost all products layout / design tool in our design lab. you can visit our design lab section and you can customize and design your products as per your requirements.

Does it support WooCommerce?

Our site is woo commerce based. You can pay your orders through 2checkout via credit card / debit card or paypal.

How do I find the Discount Coupon Code?

For single product purchase you can see our coupon code in top notification bar and for bulk orders we are offering different discount depend on quantity and products. Bulk order coupon you can get from us via email from our contact us.

Seller F.A.Q.

Can I get my money back?

Please read our return and exchange policy.

Selling on multiple markets

We are selling all over the world. So, shortly you can say no limitation of any market you can order from any country and place you will get your order in your office or home.

What is the profit rate?

We always try to get minimum profit from customers and gives our customer maximum quality and services. so, we offer huge discount in bulk orders.

Technical Problems

Order Status

Once your place order you will get the confirmation email your order has been process in our system. then our sales will contact for further discussion about your order like, approval , dispatch etc.

Order Approval System

Our Order approval system from customer is very transparent when we get any order, we email physically with mockup / artwork to our customers and get approval regarding colors, material, logos and patches.

How to change create user

You can create user and password through our woo commerce system or when you can place order and provide us your information regarding shipping then also you can generate your user. So, these both option we have to create user.

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